“Dan is an great teacher, confidently delivering the material. His claim of practicing what he preaches is evident in the passion he brings to the subject matter.” -Dan Jones

About Dan Farmer

About Dan Farmer

Dan Farmer is the founder of A to Z: Anxious to Zen (ish). Dan has worked in the high pressure environment of IT Application Consultancy for over 25 years. He specialised in large scale implementations for public and private sector organisations and struggled with anxiety from a young age.

As a result of his own experiences, his search for a solution led to the study of Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) at Cardiff University which ultimately allowed him to manage his own challenges with stress and anxiety.

The success he experienced from applying ACT in his own live spurred him on to become an ACT Certified Matrix Coach and to develop an ACT based protocol for effectively managing maladaptive anxiety to help people ‘get out of their heads and back into their lives’ – it is his lived experience of managing maladaptive anxiety using ACT and the matrix.

Dan is now passionate about helping organisations to substantially improve employee performance by teaching employees to apply ACT to their own lives.  

Where next?

Dan Farmer

“Like a spring, life has the tendency to squeeze us and stretch us but ultimately we want to come back to the same shape quickly once an event is over.”

“If however, we are not Psychologically Flexible like the spring, then we may not come back to the same shape after an event is over and our behaviour will likely change as a response.”

Dan Farmer

Shockingly, 68% of Millennials and 81% of Gen Zs have left jobs due to mental health concerns 

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