“Dan’s teaching was thorough, having used the concepts himself and he was meticulous in delivering them. His delivery was relaxed and at the right speed” – Wayne Evans

The A to Z Approach

Acceptance and Commitment Training

Grounded in the principles of ACT, participants are trained to use their innate abilities to help manage anxious thoughts and associated feelings, gain more focus, reduce procrastination and improve productivity.

The A to Z method teaches participants a comprehensive toolkit of understanding and practical methods that can be applied to a specific issue and as a prevention tool in the face of future challenging life events.

How We Help Businesses and Individuals

Stress, anxiety and other mental health issues have reached epidemic proportions in the UK, affecting personal and professional relationships, productivity and overall ability to function at peak effectiveness. Poor mental health can be crippling and yet the solution is simple and within easy reach.

A to Z: Anxious to Zen (ish) offers workshops to individuals and tailored training packages to businesses that address the person, not the problem. These solutions free individuals and teams from mental boundaries making them happier, healthier and productive…as they should be.

Ongoing Benefits

Once trained, participants own a ‘toolkit’ of understanding and practical techniques that can be applied to tackle any challenge (work or personal) that might arise in the future.

This makes A to Z training considerably more cost effective than traditional interventions as participants learn once, and benefit forever!

FREE EBOOK – Surviving Life

3 practical tips to manage difficult situations, direct from the ACT handbook.

Despite feeling unwell, nearly half (46%) of workers push through and work anyway

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