“…start the journey towards learning techniques to help you control and improve your mental wellbeing….It would be a great course for employers to offer their employees.” – Robert Wood

Corporate Solutions

A Workforce that Excels

Imagine a workforce who could think for themselves, confidently make important decisions and easily deal with difficult situations whilst managing stress, dealing with adversity and fulfilling their own human potential.

Anxious to Zen provides practical training which has a profound effect on the lives of staff. The results create a dramatic effect on professional performance resulting in tangible and measurable benefits. Training can be offered on a 1 to 1 basis, or to groups as large as 30 participants.

Whilst our approach is specifically customised to the needs of each organisation, the tools that we use are tried, tested and consistent.

Training Courses

Anxious to Zen offers a range of structured training courses that can be delivered in modules that last anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours.
Material may include an introduction to how we, as human beings learn, how psychological inflexibility develops and why psychological flexibility is so important, especially in our modern 21st-century world.

There will be practical tips on how to get started and how to leverage the tools and techniques to become more flexible in our thinking and behaviours in response to external events and/or internal dialogue (thinking and feeling).

Courses are usually delivered to larger groups to give an insight into what the deeper dive course and workshop offer making them excellent value for money.

Practical Workshops

Workshops typically last around half a day and offer a practical deep dive into the ACT processes. Participants engage with techniques during which ‘act’ as a primer  to continue the work beyond the workshop.

Like filling up a vehicle with fuel, Psychological Flexibility needs to be topped up. The workshop offers the chance to begin filling up the tank away from the distractions of work and home life.

Follow Up

To ensure the efficacy of the courses and workshops, follow-up sessions are often included to help staff maintain engagement, maximising results and ensuring excellent return on investment.

Only 38% of HR professionals believe managers are confident discussing mental health with employees

♦ MHFA England