I have now attended 3 classes and always leave feeling empowered….It’s given me a great insight into how to better deal with situations that can sometimes become overwhelming.” – Melanie Bees

Personal Development

A Modern Day Problem

Modern life can feel like a constant sprint. Relentless pressure to keep up with workplace demands, an endless barrage of social challenges and continual expectations of personal relationships can easily leave us feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope. Stress, anxiety and mental health concerns have become an accepted day-to-day burden for many people.

Anxious to Zen Has a Solution

Whilst there are many aspects of our lives that we cannot change, the one thing that lies within our control is how we react to the events and situations that life presents. 

Anxious to Zen workshops and courses provide an understanding of why we struggle with life challenges and provides a toolkit of proven, practical methods to change the way we approach difficult situations. 

Once you understand these basic concepts you will be able to organise, rationalise and prioritise in such a way that situations you used to struggle with become easily manageable. 

Fill in our online form and we will send you our free eBook that contains an explanation of the method and provides 3 simple, practical examples of strategies that you can implement right now. In addition we will get in touch to let you know as soon as we finalise the dates for our next online course.

FREE EBOOK – Surviving Life

3 practical tips to manage difficult situations, direct from the ACT handbook.

One-third of employees want more mental health support from their employers